Before entering the markets, you can try yourself and experience your knowledge by opening a virtual account with $100,000 that we have defined in your account. By opening a demo account, you will meet our award-winning platform and start trading in real market conditions.

Risk-free trading: With a virtual balance of $100,000 deposited into your demo account, you can get to know the markets closely, gain experience with us and test your trading skills.

Trading in real market conditions: You can experience all the investment instruments we offer as InTrade by trying different trading strategies.

You get to know the platform, you gain experience. You'll be familiar with Metatrader 5, an award-winning, easy-to-use platform so once you switch to a real account you're already a Metatrader 5 pro!

You get expert investor comments. You can have full access to technical analysis, special reports and forecasts of expert analysts and strategists and learn how the agenda will affect your transactions before they happen.

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